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We are bryan+jen (and karma the wonderdog)

We have spent the last 7yrs living a nomadic lifestyle focused solely on happiness and adventure.

We originally took off on what we thought was a 1-2year sabbatical to “find ourselves” and drove our 67 VW bus through Mexico and Central America.

We built a tiny house (really more of a loft) out of our garage, though we’ve rarely been in it because we chose instead to live in our Sprinter CamperVan while exploring the west.

Now we find ourselves moving onto a boat and teaching ourselves to sail while island hopping the caribbean… a lifelong dream we never thought would happen, much less one we thought we could pull off so early in life.

All  of the above is only possible because we decided several years ago to become minimalists and to collect memories rather than things. We eventually quit our jobs and focused on living a simple and happy lifestyle today rather than waiting on a retirement that may never come.


Freedom, happiness, adventure and travel also happen to be our favorite topics and we would love to connect with you to discuss, learn more, wax poetically about or find a way to spread the word on any of the above. Especially if you want to discuss over a campfire, on a deserted beach or on the top of a mountain… then for sure drop us a line!

You can also find a link above to our blog…where we have tracked (in probably way too much detail) our life’s journey and our travels over the last decade.


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our crazy life and accidental


We set out without any real plan and we still don’t seem to have one, but we’re having an absolute blast along the way! We really only have one direction - and that is a commitment to waking up each day to the same simple question:

“Are we perfectly happy where we are, and doing what we’re doing?”

and, most importantly… if/when we don’t like the answer we make change - immediately.


mexico and central america in a classic 1967 vw bus

The trip that started it all. We thought we were leaving for a sabbatical. A year or two away to reset ourselves and enjoy some time away before returning to work. Somewhere along the way we realized we were “broken”.

tiny house.png

converting our garage into a tiny home-base for us

What was intended to be a fast and cheap remodel somehow turned into a much, much bigger project. That project somehow turned into a means to continue our lifestyle and that somehow turned into a business.


4x4 sprintervan

We didn’t plan on upgrading to a sprintervan… but we realized our old VW Bus was starting to get in the way of our travels rather than promote them- then our (crazy) credit union said we were pre-approved for a new car loan and things just kind of fell into place.


the boat

Wish we could tell you how this adventure ends… but in reality its just getting started.

Tag along, we’ll all see how it plays out together!!

Tell me... what is it you plan to do with your one wild and crazy life?”
— Mary Oliver
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