Small space design with intention zenbox is how we spend our time when not traveling (and often while we are).   It's how the creativity that stored up over a decade of wearing a suit and tie is pouring out of me now.

You'll find bits and pieces of our creations here throughout our story, but for them alone go check out the zenbox design site.

It all began very naturally (or accidentally) as we began making furniture to replace what we had purged before our trip.  Then came our need for a home base and our building/converting of the original "zen box loft" in our former garage.  If you're interested in a trip to portland and need a place to stay, we also rent out our tiny garage home.  You can check out the details on airBnB.

But we didn't stop there...there are a few other places in portland designed by zenbox that you can also rent out if you have a larger party and MakerFlat, or if you are curious about testing out the idea of living in a Designer TIny House.


Certainly, if you are undertaking your own small custom home build, high end renovation, restaurant build, home remodel or some other creative project we can help with...let us know!! Otherwise I might just sleep through the night- and nobody wants that =)